AMENITIES / Our all-inclusive offer

  • Bilingual reception
  • 65 sq m apartment on 2 levels (ground floor + basement) with free parking space (on request) and air conditioning
  • Capacity: 1/7 persons
  • Bath towels and bed sheets
  • Broadband wifi internet access
  • Beds: double bed in the bedroom (140x200 cm), double bed in the "miniclub" (140x200 cm), double bed (140x200 cm) and single bed (90x200 cm) in the living room)
  • Kitchen: fridge, freezer, ceramic-glass hob, oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, hot air popcorn maker, microwave and crockery


  • Bathroom with shower and separate toilets
  • 51'' plasma TV + home cinema + Sony Playstation 3 (plays also CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray Discs)
  • More than 180 international channels
  • Free phone calls to French landlines and mobiles
  • Water, heating and electricity
  • Cleaning (at the end of the stay)
  • Cot (on request), child safety gate for stairs
  • Also available: soap, shampoo, hair-dryer, umbrella, tourist guides of the city, maps.
  • Each room is ventilated, sound proofed & lets in natural light.

« Come Ladies & Gentlemen the show is about to start! » In this incredible artist’s flat you are not allowed to be bored! What would you say to a delicious cone full of popcorn? After that a visit to Ratatouille, the handsome tiger, and why not take advantage of a short driving lesson in the cabin of the Blue Lorry. Hey can you hear that? In the basement the party is in full swing: sound system, disco lighting & Play Station games. So cool. And it’s far from being finished, very far in fact. Because from now on it’s the Circus and you. And if you have any time left, don’t hesitate to visit Paris. Apparently it’s a really pretty town!

>> A kitchen for the sweet tooths

Here you will see the world through rose-coloured glasses, turquoise also and orange, lime green… In fact you will see all the colours possible. Shining for preference. Your kids will spot the ceiling straight away covered with hundreds of popular French sweets : carambars, Strawberry Haribo, nougat. Unique in the world. And the lamps, what! Did you ever see them made out of pots of Nutella & jam? For the kitchen furniture don’t even bother to look for them in IKEA: they are made to measure in the best spirit of industrial design and house all the most useful equipment (dishwasher, Sputnik microwave, a popcorn machine, a 4-ring ceramic hob, silent fridges etc.).

>> The big top
Red stripes, curtains with stars, crystal chandeliers and an enoooormous tiger hanging on the wall. It is indeed the big top of the Paris Circus. Right in the middle is a 3-wheeled Vespa van from the seventies which has been transformed into a table. But in fact where are the children? Cuckoo children?? Vanished in a magic act? Ah I can see one. He is in the 3-wheeler cabin. And another. “It’s OK darling. Our 4 kids are driving, parking and flashing us with the headlights. Because on top of that they all work. I know some-one who isn’t going to sleep tonight…

>> The Miniclub
It’s « Swiss army knife » room: according to your mood you can do whatever you want! The distorting mirrors are waiting for your face-pulling contest. A lounge corner for reading, check your emails or re-do the world. Want to watch a good film? Look at your DVD’s and Blue Rays on the giant 51-inch TV with home cinema. Need some action? All you have to do is switch on the PlayStation and enjoy yourself on GT5, FIFA12 or Sonic. Want to dance? Get out your CD’s & choose the lights (multi-coloured, disco or black lamps). And to recover from all this emotion a comfortable double bed is waiting for you.

>> The Bathroom
I might as well warn you straight: away you will never shower alone. But accompanied by gentle monsters. I am not talking about your kids but extra terrestrial animals which have invaded the walls: a giant squid, some octopus and crabs. A sacred bunch and a beautiful tribute to vintage video games “Space Invaders & Pacman”.

>> The toilets
Have you noticed? We never talk about the toilets when we show an apartment. And even less show pictures. Of course it exists but shhh! It’s a secret… So let’s fight for their recognition, let’s launch the WC pride! Me I chose blue tiles with sequins, coloured floor spotlights and a superb zebra for the ceiling. Now you feel better I know.

>> The Horse’s room
A circus without a clown, or horses? Money back!! But no, it’s because they are hiding here. A clown and at least 4 beautiful horses. Disguised as lights, lorry headlights, an old sun lamp and an old fashioned heater from grandmother. Beautiful photos to be taken!

Of course there are lots of other surprises, and of course no-one will believe you when you tell them about your holidays.
But you will remember for a long long time your holidays in Paris...

So in fact when are you arriving?

Clic here to see the floor plan of the unusual apartment

QUIRKY SHORT FILM made in "Paris Circus"